On the Wings of a Butterfly

Am I the only one who can – in my mind – leap from, say, Frodo in the Shire to the tomatoes that need picking in the garden, to the lady at church who is considering home schooling to remembering that I forgot to register for that museum membership?  All in about 12 seconds?

I think Lenny is learning not to worry when, in the middle of a conversation about whether to invite the in-laws for Thanksgiving, I say: “Oh! That reminds me! The neighbours got a new dog.”  That’s just how my brain works, I guess.  And, sometimes, I can see the parallel with how God works to pursue us.

See? Another leap.  But hear me out.

Just this morning, I experienced it.

It started with a few weeks of wondering what topic I could write about for a Christian magazine I’d like to work with. Having relatively recently come to faith, I can’t write from a position of expertise on the Word.  I only have expertise on me.

Leap #1:

I’m reading a devotional message from one of my favourite writers, Sharon Jaynes, and she asks readers to go to her blog with a comment after we complete her suggested exercise. I am obedient.  So I do.

Leap #2

Somehow, when I get to Sharon’s blog, I land on a post that has nothing to do with the devotional I just read and am meant to be commenting on.  Undeterred, I scroll down to make a comment.  On my way down the page, there is a picture of a beautiful butterfly ornament that she has given away for a draw.  Immediately, I think of the only Sunday school teacher I have ever had and how she gave me a very grown up card to welcome me to her class.  The card had a butterfly on it and came with a matching butterfly pin.

Leap #3

As I’m writing my comment and admiring the butterfly, I realize that the dear elderly lady who was kind to me all those years ago was, perhaps, one of the first little nudges toward the Lord that I ever experience.  Or that I remember, in any case.  My parents only took us to church for a short period, so that lady didn’t become a part of my life.  But still, I remember her.  She was different.  And she gave me a beautiful butterfly.

Leap #4

Writing is never far from my mind.  So, the last little leap to chronicling the progression of little nudges that make up my journey to faith was not a shocker to me.

Just as when I look for the leaps that get me from Frodo to the museum membership, I can clearly see the progression toward a life lived in God’s Word.  It’s crystal clear.  My journey has been a series of little moments of insight, people of compassion and happy coincidences – some of which didn’t feel at all happy at the time.

So, today, thanks to a great devotional that came in an email and a kind lady many years ago, I have a topic to write on and one more reason to be in awe of how the Lord works. Step by step in a still small voice, on the wings of a butterfly.

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