Five Great Blogs That Tell It Like It Is

First of all, why five?  Because, I’m certain that you – like me – are a busy person.  Would you visit ten blogs if I listed them?  Or would you only get to four or five?  Exactly.  So…  Moving on.

I’m one of those fiction readers who love the back story.  The flowery details of how the heather on the moors reminds the heroine of her grandmother’s cottage really help me feel like I’m part of the book.  There’s nothing I enjoy more in a fictional story.

The key word there is fictional.

When it comes to blog reading, I’m a very different bird.  When I’m looking for humour, I want to look and laugh. When I’m looking for a recipe, I want a recipe.  I do not want an account of how the recipe was developed and the drama that ensued when the white sauce boiled over. I realize that, occasionally, usable details come by way of back story. When it comes to a blog on marriage, for example, I might tolerate a little more flowery drama.  I do want to know how the writer learned the lesson they’re now graciously sharing with me, the reader.

Relatively speaking, though, I am a fan of direct and to the point.  Having said that, let me get to the point. Here are five of my favourite blogs on a variety of topics, in no particular order. (Each of these could be my favourite on any given day.)

Blog One: Marriage

To Love, Honor and Vacuum by Sheila Gregoire


Sheila’s blog is not only about marriage.  It would fit just as well under a variety of topics such as Christianity, parenting or womanhood.  She also includes some fantastic commentary on the world around us through her syndicated columns that appear on her blog on Fridays.

Generally insightful, Sheila does not beat around the bush.  If you fall into any one category mentioned above – or any combination thereof – I suggest your check out

Blog Two: Just Plain Funny

Cake Wrecks by Jen and John (the hubby of Jen)

This is absolutely the funniest spot to go when I could use a quick, simple laugh.  Clean (mostly) and addicting.  I only head over there when I’m feeling strong and in need of an ab workout.  The Cake Wrecks tagline is: When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.  Enough said.

The cakes themselves are fantastic in the car-crash kind of way.  You just can’t look away from the wreck.  And, Jen, the blog author’s tongue in cheek humour adds the piece de resistance.

Try out this post for a good laugh.  And then, if you like beautiful cakes too, check out one of her Sunday Sweets posts and see just what a masterpiece a cake can be.

Blog Three: Leadership

Chris Brady Leadership by Chris Brady

This is leadership from a biblical perspective.  And, Chris Brady knows his stuff on both topics.  This post talks about the nobility of work and is eye-opening and thought-provoking.  But, far from being dry, as leadership writing can be, Chris knows how to weave humour into his teaching and is a fantastic story teller.

Please, dear readers, don’t be overwhelmed by the word leadership.  If you lead yourself through the minefield of your life, if you lead your children through their homework or if you lead a other employees through the work day, this blog has great insight that you just might love like I do.

Blog Four: Home Schooling 

(or, a term I find more accurate, Leadership Education)

A Thomas Jefferson Education Blog by Oliver and Rachel DeMille

This blog may not be updated that regularly but that doesn’t stop it from making my short list for spectacular content.  Oliver and Rachel DeMille, through their website, books, blog and courses, provide solid instruction about how we, as a society, can shake the fog out of our own brains and wake up from the big-media-induced comas we find ourselves in.  Not only do they tell us how, they make a spine-chilling case for why we should.

Check it out this post called Façade Society, Façade Politics for a taste.

Blog Five: Gardening and Great Food

Throwback at Trapper Creek by The Matron of Husbandry

This blog, I just started reading again recently and what a delight of food knowledge this blog provides.  Written by a woman who prefers to remain anonymous, she doesn’t hold back any other details about the food that they produce on her small homesteading farm.  They garden in a big and sustainable way and produce meat, eggs and more for their family.

Great writing, fascinating historical tidbits and good food wisdom are all reasons to go visit the Throwback at Trapper Creek.

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