What Is Your Why?


Over on my Welcome Mat page, I go into the ‘Why’ behind this blog.

Why go into why?

Because I’ve learned that it is essential to action. If we don’t know our Why, we won’t do anything.  Or at least, we won’t do anything that so much as stretches a pinky finger out to poke at uncomfortable.  And there’s nothing of great worth that can be accomplished without getting uncomfortable.

So, here’s a challenge to think about why.

Why would you do something different?  Why would you do something uncomfortable like lay out your personal struggles for others to learn from and, possibly, laugh at?  Why change from the comfortable but settled-for job you hate?  Why take a financial backslide to home school your children?

There are many things that we’d like to do, maybe, if they weren’t so uncomfortable.  Digging into your ‘Why’ and figuring out how to make yourself do the worthwhile is the best thing you you’ll ever do.  For yourself, for your family, for your spouse. For your life.

You were put here for a reason.  Are you living it? Or haven’t you figured out why you’d step out and get uncomfortable?

My Blog ‘Why’

(I do other uncomfortable things that have other ‘Why’s. You’ll likely have more than one, as well.)

Why this blog:

  • To share my learning and to learn more.
  • To promote better marriages and better thinking in general.
  • To encourage women to be more than the big world wants us to think is our limit.

I want to provide something to women.  What is that something?


I want to be a help.

To help myself grow.

To encourage others to help themselves, to grow themselves.

To encourage people to offer their help.

Ahhhh… And, there it is.  With a bit of thoughtful typing, the real answer comes out. There are those of us who’s most inspired words come out through our fingers, not our mouths. (Check out this post over at MessyMarriage.com where she talks about praying on the computer).

An Offer of Help

What I want to do in life – and with this blog – is to encourage people to offer their help.  It encompass all the other things that came before on my list.  No one can help others without first growing themselves, for example.

We get so preoccupied with our lives and its easy to forget that the aim is not just to get out the other side intact.  In fact, we’re guaranteed to fail, if that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re not here to survive.  We’re here to do something.  We’re meant to have an impact.

So, how am I impacting our world?  If I don’t write about what I learn, I limit my impact on my immediate sphere of influence.  Also, if I don’t write, I limit how well I learn the lesson. I learn best by sharing thoughts and ideas with others.  And if I don’t learn and get better, I have less positive influence on my immediate sphere.  Double-whammy.

My family and friends would then become my ‘sphere of no-influence’.  Or worse, my ‘sphere of bad-influence’.

How about you?  Think about that thing that you’ve always wanted to do, but always tell yourself why not to do it.

Believe me, there are many reasons why not to talk candidly about my personal growth and relationships.  I’m human, with human failings.  You’ve met human’s right?  I could make me a good sized list of ‘Why-nots’.  But I refuse to.  Because I can offer help by stepping out of comfort and into action.

How about you?  What are you keeping from the world by telling yourself ‘Why-not’?

First: What do you want to accomplish?  Second and more important: ‘Why’?

Answer it and keep it in front of you and you’ll be motivated to keep yourself in action.  Myself, I see relationships tanking and unhappy, unhealthy women at every turn.  I’d have to stick my head in a hole to not be motivated.  I’ve done tanking and unhappy. Now I’m here to offer my help.

photo credit: patrick wilken via photopin cc

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