This is one of my favourite bloggers!

Terri Brady’s post about jealousy (at her blog Letters to Lindsay) shows just how we can destroy relationships with our out of control egos. Imagine trying to brag on the little great things our husbands do while harboring jealousy against them.

You just can’t celebrate and be jealous.

Please read her wise and practical words and leave your comments.

Letters to Lindsey

Her tears flowed next to me, while she tried to drain every ounce of joy from my victory. I know it was her high school senior year, but I had won even though I was a junior. Did she think I didn’t deserve it? Didn’t she know how many hours of preparation I had paid to get to this point? It wasn’t just that “I played the saxophone,” I had BOUGHT the saxophone – or half of it anyway (My parents paid for the other half.) with money from HOURS (or YEARS!) of babysitting. I had even gone to the tryout extremely sick. My fever registered 102 before school the previous day, but if we missed school on Friday, the school rules didn’t allow participation in weekend activities; so I had ignored the fever (and avoided Mom’s touch) and headed to school anyway.  I had bonded with my tryout music…

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