Brag On: The First Christmas of My Life

Yes, it’s Monday morning again.  My favourite time of the week.  But it’s not just any Monday.  Today is the day before Christmas.  Tonight is the night that Mary and Joseph waited 9 months for.  It’s the night the world waited for since the Fall of Man.

You might wonder what that has to do with being a bragging wife.  This year it has everything to do with it.Bragging Wife (1)

This year, the fact that I have even a sliver of an understanding of what Christmas day means is reason enough to brag about Lenny. And, yes, I understand that the hand that drove us to church the first time, early in the year, was much larger and more powerful than Lenny’s hands on the steering wheel of our car.  I realize that the Lord had a plan that played out over years, but the existence of free will leads me to credit my spouse with having the humility to look at something he previously thought he knew about.

Unfortunately, over many years, we’d met a smattering of people who called themselves Christian.  For a long time, we both judged the Creator on the creation, as they say. We both had a hard time seeing the good in the particular ‘creations’ we knew.  Hence the complete lack of faith that we lived with for most of our lives.  Until, through a series of Providential circumstances that I will write about at another time, we both came to the understanding that this whole story just might be true.  Perhaps it was worth exploring further?

I felt strongly that we should.  And, while Lenny wanted to do the research as much as I did, he was more hesitant to really jump in.  Thankfully, I’d already talked to some wise women and read some good books so I didn’t push him (much).

Long story short, I love to tell Lenny how thankful I am that he started taking us to church and that he started on his own journey.  He is a great example for our children of a man who truly leads his family.

Untitled drawing (1)So, this year, we are celebrating Christmas for the first time.  Crazy.  Crazy awesome.  And I’ll brag on Lenny for that forever.  Just like I will be thanking God forever for the love he showed me by moving Lenny the way he did.

photo credit: ヘザー heza via photopin cc

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