Quick! We Need a Marriage Revolution!

Tales from the Construction SiteThere are about 1.5 women at Lenny’s construction site. The point-five works in the office. He’s completely surrounded by men all day. His latest observation renews my belief that we need a major marriage revolution in our society.

Apparently, one day while we were chatting via text during his break, his coworkers started in on him.

“Can she not go the whole day without talking to you?”

“Is she so insecure that you have to check in with her all the time?”

“I wouldn’t put up with a needy woman like that.”

Wow!  This is why I pray for Lenny to be surrounded by sensible and supportive people while he’s at work.  Because, most of the time, he’s not!

He came home and told me what they were saying with the attitude of a duck.  He just lets it roll off his back because, as he says: “They have no idea.”

And, he’s completely right.

They have no idea that everyday at morning coffee break he sends me a quick text just to let me know he’s thinking of me because he wants to bless me, not because of the fallout if he doesn’t.

They have no idea that we have a relationship that we both feel blessed to be a part of – and to contribute to.  We are far from having it all together, for sure. But we have it so much more together than we did, it’s ridiculous.  And that is simply because of getting better information into our lives.

Clearly, more good information is required in the big world if the consensus is that talking to your wife throughout the day is a bad thing.  Don’t people get married because they want to be together?  When does that change?  Does it have to change?

I don’t think so.  And I, by no means, think all the blame lies with the men.  We, as women, have incredible power to change our relationships.  I wonder what those men’s wives and girlfriends are like when they’re home that they don’t want to talk to them when they’re away.

Preaching to the choir doesn’t effect much change unless you get the choir preaching.

If you’re reading this, you probably get it already.  Good relationships with our spouses are intentional.

If you’re not being intentional, start.  If you are, then don’t hide if from the world.  Don’t tone it down or conform when you’re in public so you don’t stick out.

Be unusual.

Get noticed.

Find a way to make others notice that there is a better way.  Personally, I write here and we run a business that is about teaching people how to think differently.  (It’s so biblical and subtle at the same time, that we didn’t even notice until we realized we believed! ;))

Find your way.  Find your audience and start a revolution.  A marriage revolution!

I’m so excited to hear about the changes that you’re making – big and small!  Please let me know what a marriage revolution means to you and how you’re contributing.

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5 thoughts on “Quick! We Need a Marriage Revolution!

  1. They’re probably just jealous of the great relationship it appears you have with your husband, Colleen. You both need to be “ducks” and let it roll right off your backs. 😉 (Loved that comment.) Thanks for this encouragement to connect throughout the day with our husbands. I needed that gentle reminder. I think I’ll go text him right now!


  2. That’s so crazy, but my husband has definitely heard similar things. He’s been – in good fun – teased about taking ballroom dance classes, running half-marathons, etc. with me. But in the end, his co-workers are very curious about my marriage and always tell him what a good husband he is. I’m so proud of him. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the feedback, Corrie Anne.

      That is awesome that your husband’s co-workers are curious! That’s exactly what I pray for in all areas of my life. For someone to ask: “How did you make your (fill in the blank) so different from mine?” Cause then I can tell them what the magic ingredient is. 😉


  3. It always amazes me what people think! Your hubby’s coworkers are showing their true selves. They do not get the word relationship. Pray for them. I bet they will seek out your hubby’s counsel when they need marriage advice!
    Being away from the love of your life for 8 hours plus, each and every day, is a long time when you are in love! My husband and I still connect each day after 24 years of marriage. Thanks for linking with us at NOBH. Every blessing, Kelly


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