We Are They

When people say, “They need to do something about _______!”  (Fill in the blank with an endless list including economic decline, violence, poverty.)

They’re forgetting that we are the ‘they’ who need to act.

Yesterday, Lenny and I headed to London, Ontario with a bunch of friends to attend a book signing for Leadershift by Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille. After an unbelievable night of association and learning, the above quote came across my desk.

 Our western society teaches us to work for our own comfort.  But that’s so not what God intended.

I am blessed with a great business that is all about helping other people improve their lives.  And, yet, I have to resist the brainwashing to do just enough keep myself comfortable.

Chew on this, if you dare:

Are you working hard for your own pleasure, like the world teaches is right?  Do you say:

“I would do more but nothing I can do would make a difference?”

Or, are you here with a purpose to leave a mark of service on the world?  Do you say:

“Something big needs to be done right now. People need help. And, I’m going to get it done.”

One thought on “We Are They

  1. Indeed, we have been conditioned to inaction as individuals and channeled to become “members” or “supporters” of this or that. As the collectivist mantra continues here in North America, it is becoming more imperative to share with people this important fact: The Christian ethic of charity and compassion has nothing to do with government or even church institutions. Christ did not seek to teach kings or managers of institutions. He spoke to gatherings of individuals and instructed them in how they should interact with other individuals.


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