Financial Fitness: Are You a Master or a Mess Up?

Let’s be honest.  Most of us feel financial pressure in our marriages.  Whether people are struggling financially isn’t up for debate. But it is up for polling.

Fill out my poll now and I promise to tell you a joke.

Thank you for helping me out!

Now, here’s your joke:

Lenny tells this often when he speaks to a group.  It’s more of a trick than strictly a joke, really.  And someone falls for it every time.

When he’s discussing how financial stress leaks out and poisons other areas of our lives, he will ask: “What is the number one cause of divorce in North America?”

Inevitably, one or more listeners will reply: “Money!”

To which Lenny replies, “Marriage!”

And we all laugh.

Not a belly laugh though.  It’s much more rueful.  Because the point, that money really does take a terrible toll on relationships, is all too real for many of us.

Recently, I began to wonder just how many people are suffering from financial fitness fallout versus the number who are thriving.  We can’t tell from observation because credit levels the playing field – at least from the onlooker’s point of view. (Because we’ve been taught to use debt to disguise our true financial fitness… but that’s another story.)

This poll was put together with the hopes that people will be truthful about their finances so that I can share information that is relevant to the real you, not just to the image that you portray.

Because we all portray an image but, personally, I only want to LOOK rich if I AM rich. That only comes from the correct financial thinking.

And you are all welcome on my journey to financial fitness!


 Colleen flower





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