Trenton teen with a big goal: $10,000 by Christmas

She’s so local, she lives right in our house.  And she’s on a mission.

Is it possible to raise $10,000 for Sick Kids by Christmas 2014?
Is it possible to raise $10,000 for Sick Kids by Christmas 2014?

Our daughter, Cheridan, 13, has long planned to donate her hair to make wigs for cancer patients.

Last week, she upped the ante. Friday, November 14 was the official launch date of her fund raising campaign:

$10,000 for Sick Kids by Christmas

Does anyone else simultaneously hope and dread that their children will do big things?

We have always told our kids to Dream Big and I was always aware that, one day, I may have to put my money where my mouth is.

That day has come.

When the time approached for our daughter to cut her hair for wigs, I suggested getting the most out of it by running a fund raiser. Not knowing what dollar goal to set, I felt out her belief level.

“How much do you want to raise?”

“Ten thousand dollars,” she said, without hesitation. Wow. Those “Dream Big” instructions had worked. (I later learned that she had been joking, sort of.)

I can’t said that I jumped in without hesitation but it didn’t take long. A little basic math – 1000 people donating $10 or 500 people giving $20.

Okay. That’s not crazy.

I’m connected with many hundreds of generous people through social media, what with personal connections and the homeschooling communities that we belong too. Then there are our business associates and her dad’s coworkers.

That’s well over 1000 people already.

A quick call to a dear friend to check that I wasn’t totally insane to even entertain the notion, full approval from her dad (and a second opinion about my sanity) and we were a go.

A long to do list of was created. Deadlines were set. Research begun.

November 14th, we launched her campaign on the fund raising site, Go Fund Me.

Sick Kids doesn’t know it but they have a 13 year old on their side who has a big goal. And I think she’s going to hit it.

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