How to Plan: Draw Your Map in the Sand

It’s 10 days into New Years and I’m learning, once again, or, still, that there is nowhere worth living other than today.

Still, my rational, planning mind says that goals are necessary. It says that if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Most sensible people would agree with that, I think.

But my mind can’t seem to stop there. If planning is for the purpose of having things work out in our favour, then, by planning well, we are in control of our outcomes, right?

This goes bad places.

This goes to places where naive, little me is shocked and jarred and otherwise traumatized when life happens in that explainable way that it does.

When everything goes sideways, despite doing all the right things. When, even in your mistakes, your heart is right, but life still puts you face down in the muck.

At those times, a girl can’t afford to hold the belief that the plans we make are anything more than a road map drawn in the sand.

Photo credit: Michelle Walters at
Photo credit: Michelle Walters at

I wasn’t aware of this belief in myself. It has taken a situation that is, in every way, out of my control – out of my control in a very negative way – to start to understand this:

Don’t worry about yesterday. Let it go.

Don’t put too much stock in your plans for tomorrow. Let it come.

Plan anyway.

Draw your map in the sand and run on it as far as you can get before the waves wipe it out and possibly pull you under in the process.

He won’t let you drown.

Let the tide wash you back onto the sans. Find your feet.

Then draw your map again.

InspirationFor me, this is living in the moment, understanding that I am not in control, without neglecting good sense for the future.

What does this mean for your New Year’s resolutions?

If you have dropped the ball and let the waves wipe out a map too soon, draw it again.

Change it where necessary. Make it a little more permanent with the million good follow-through techniques filling your Twitter feed or email this time of year.

Draw it again.

Then run.

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