What if there was a way to actually apply what you read in that self-help book?

Are you one of the hoards who wish they could actually apply all the Everything-is-Awesome advice you read in personal development books?

Me too. Thankfully, it is do-able.

My whole goal at the new UpGradual.com is to get more specific on how to apply all the fantastic personal development info out there.

If you have liked UpGradual here, please follow me over to my new home and know that things are only going to get better.

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What you will find at UpGradual.com

After getting some great coaching from Sarah over at Unsettle.org and doing a pile of research, it has become clear that many of us are unhappy with the lack of specific tips and how-to-implement-it info available in what we’re reading.

Seriously, if an author is going to write a book about personal growth, you’d think they’d go heavy on instructions on how to do it.

How many times have you come away from a personal development book and thought:

“Great! Now I’m super clear on how awesome my life could be if only I were smart enough to figure out how to apply this stuff despite my personal failings and challenges.”

I certainly have.

Many a $15 have gone out of the (not)bottomless Colleen purse on a book that reminded me that other people have done what I’ve been banging away at for years with little to show for it.

Not anymore. There are specific how-to’s. And, there are brilliant people who are willing to share them.

I am in the business of researching what works in relationships, faith, creativity, purpose – life in general – and I’m looking forward to sharing with you.

Can’t wait to see you at the new UpGradual.com.

Colleen flower

UpGradual.com – look forward to see you there!


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