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I’ve tried decline. It sucks. Now, I want to help you avoid it.

Personally, I know how elusive and complicated trying to achieve excellence in relationships, career, creativity, faith, parenting – Life! – can be.

You can succeed while you fail – in fact, you have to.


IMG-20130202-00093Don’t think I can get my pea brain around your complexity?
Try this bio on for size:

  • Homeschooling mom (of multiple thriving kids who are not all my biological off-spring).
  • Happy, healthy, sane divorcee (If anyone tells you that’s not significant, punch them. It alters the course of your life forever.)
  • Un-married but not single
  • Christian (Un-married, not single, Christian?
    I told you it was complex. Just ask me.)
  • Sophisticated lady of distinction

(Okay, I might have exaggerated on that last one.)


It’s complicated.

There is no black and white. But, with timeless principles and a little experience, I share some of what I’ve figured out about going UpGradually to a lighter shade of gray.

Glad to have you along!
Colleen flower


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