Welcome Mat

It’s justmedium_2624297545 physics.

Nothing can be maintained. Everything is either improving or it is in decline. And, let me tell you…

Decline sucks.

Join me in going UpGradual.

I go gradual because instantaneous means I get there fast but I’m likely still stupid when I arrive.

And stupid guarantees future decline.

That’s physics and logic.


There is a boat load of information out there and not all of it good.  Oh, who am I kidding? Ninety percent of it is crap!

But the ten percent… Now that’s worth digging for.  I specialize in digging and putting a little spin on it.

A spin of thinking, humour and faith.

 Let’s see if we can’t go UpGradual by spinning a little smart, fun and faithful.

No matter what, it beats stupid.


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